Bonding applicationis usually repaired using composite material to close the tooth gaps, repair tooth decay and fractures, change the appearance of notched or colored teeth.

In which situations?

Bonding The app is an easy and inexpensive cosmetic application. Mainly used for cosmetic requirements. It is used to improve the appearance of toothed or colored teeth, to close the gaps between the teeth (diestams), to change the shape and color of the teeth (such as showing long teeth).

Preparation (Preparation)

Bonding little or no preparation is required for its application. If the caries will not be applied to the teeth, anesthesia is often not required.

How is it applied?

• After selecting the color, the surface of the tooth is roughened by using Er: Yag laser or acid.
• To ensure that the bonding material is easily attached to the tooth, the tooth is covered with a compatible material.
• After these preparations, the composite resin material in the tooth color is placed into the tooth by giving the desired shape.
• The material is cured by ultraviolet light.
• After the material is hardened, it is corrected and shaped by the physician.
• The material is then polished until it shines as in other parts of the tooth.

This process takes about 30-60 minutes. If more than one tooth is required, several appointments may be needed.

Things to do after treatment

During the first 48 hours, it is necessary to avoid colored foods and beverages as much as possible to protect them from stains or to minimize their occurrence. It causes coloration of resin material used in tea, coffee, non bonding application. In addition to brushing your teeth, you should have your dentist cleaned at regular intervals.

What are the risks?

Composite resin is not as strong as natural tooth. The ice or pen may crumble when you bite or chew it. The life of the bonding application is several years, it can be repaired later. Mouth habits and how much bonding is applied play an important role in determining the life of the bonding application.