We see it as our mission to help you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for life, from cradle to grave. Our friendly team of dentists and dental nurses offer regular dental check-ups and dental hygiene treatments to protect your teeth and gums. If you do lose any, for whatever reason, we have ways of replacing them invisibly and permanently. If you are unlucky enough to have problem teeth, we can smooth out many of the problems painlessly. There’s no need to be scared of visiting the dentist these days! If you have damaged or crooked teeth we can offer you painless cosmetic dental treatments to give you a perfect smile and make eating a pleasure again. Dentistry isn’t just about teeth, though. We also look after the health of the rest of your mouth and your face. When you visit us regularly, we can detect problems and diseases such as mouth cancer in the early stages, when you have a good chance of treatment being effective. We also provide some services that might surprise you, such as facial rejuvenation treatments to keep you looking younger for longer, wedding makeovers and anti-snoring appliances. Just as you have your car regularly cleaned and maintained, you should have regular dental check-ups where we can make sure everything is in order and sort out any problems before they have a chance to become painful. ; It is the process of making the teeth and gums look as natural and beautiful as possible considering the facial shapes and requirements of the patients whose aesthetic appearance is disrupted for various reasons.

Smile Aesthetics Planning
In Gülest Aesthetics First of all, it is very important to correctly understand the patient's beautiful sensation expectations and determine the requirements correctly. Problems are determined and plans are made on the models prepared by the measurements taken from the mouth of the patient. Then, by using special programs in the computer environment with oral and face photos of patients measurement description is made and face shape compliance is calculated. The most average images to occur immediately after treatment programs and patient mouth the patient is presented with temporary restorations prepared according to the original and their ideas are taken.

Smile aesthetics Advantages?

More natural-looking facial jaw-like teeth are obtained.
Fractures of the teeth are corrected.
Gums gain healthier appearance.
Teeth colors become clearer.
Beautiful glowing tooth is restored.

In young individuals, the lips are full and contain a happy smiling expression. Although the dentist does not intervene directly in the smile aesthetic, the lips are affected indirectly.

Sometimes lips are expressed in a straight line in normal posture. That is to say, straight lines, not smiles, are present, which means that there is wear on the teeth and that the support to the lips is reduced. Or very worn teeth lip lines hang down. This again makes the person look older. The teeth can be lengthened slightly to give the person a happier and younger look.

Anyone with a smile-related problem can benefit from a smile aesthetic. People who have a lack of self-confidence trying not to show their teeth while photographing, laughing, talking can benefit from the aesthetics of smile.

This problem, which at first seems to be something that cannot be solved, may be solved with very little intervention. It is possible to provide smile aesthetics in many ways from whitening to hold and to intervene one or two teeth.