Zircon ceramic crowns can be applied to everyone. Zirkon does not have any allergy properties and its usage area is wide. There is no age range. Zircons do not cause any harm to the body. Zircon ceramic treatment can be completed within 4 days.


Zircon crowns are superior to other metal supported crowns. Zircons are white and translucent because they are transparent. Since the light transmission is close to the natural tooth, they reach the appearance of the natural tooth. This is not the case with metal supported crowns. Zircons do not corrode, thus leaving no discoloration or metallic taste in the mouth. It does not change color due to external factors such as coffee, tea and cigarettes. Metal supported crowns are corroded in the mouth. Insulation feature does not improve the sensitivity of hot and cold.


Since zircon crowns do not corrode, they do not cause any infection in the gums. If the patient pays attention to oral hygiene, they do not cause gum distress. Sometimes the canal-treated teeth change color in the mouth. Zircon hides this coloration without losing its naturalness. In these cases, discoloration occurs under fine gums. In this case, the zircon is not caused by the crowns but by the tooth's own color change.


Zirconia ceramics are more expensive than metal supported crowns. This is due to the 3-sized preparation in a computerized environment called the cad cam system and the difficulty of technician work. In addition, because the zircon in the nature has been subjected to many procedures and used in dentistry, the price of the substance is increasing. At the same time, the dentist prepares the tooth to be applied crown according to the zircon increases the labor.