Breast enlargement operations can be performed with silicone prostheses which do not need to be removed for life.

Why are breasts smaller or smaller?

Due to genetic or developmental problems, women's breasts cannot develop sufficiently and remain small. In addition to this, weight loss may occur in the breasts after giving weight and giving birth. One of the breasts may be slightly smaller than the other.

Who can perform breast augmentation?

Any woman who is over 18 years of age and has no health problems that could interfere with the operation may be breast enhancement?

Is breast augmentation healthy with silicone?

The quality of the prosthesis used is important. Breast augmentation with high-quality prostheses, manufactured with the latest technology and approved by FDA is extremely healthy. Improved silicone prostheses no longer need to be removed at any time with the evolving prosthetic technology. Silicone prosthesis companies provide a lifetime guarantee for their products. For this reason, the right brand silicone prostheses can be operated with peace of mind. Silicone prosthesis did not increase the risk of breast cancer.

Is it necessary to remove a prosthesis during pregnancy and lactation?

After breast augmentation with prosthesis, you can become pregnant with peace of mind. The prosthesis does not need to be removed again. During breastfeeding, the prosthesis does not cause any harm to the baby and does not prevent breastfeeding.

What is important in choosing breast prostheses?

First of all, the brand prosthesis is important. Human health is important and most reliable brand prostheses should be used without material concerns.

There are prosthesis options in different shapes and projections. An anatomical prosthesis or round prosthesis can be used. Round prostheses are available with low profile, wide base, high profile narrow base or ultra high profile.

The size of the prosthesis to be used is important.

Your Cosmetic Surgery Doctor will choose the most reliable brand for you. Be sure to ask the doctor for the warranty certificate that contains the information of the prosthesis that is used postoperatively and keep this document.

Is a drop prosthesis or a round prosthesis better?

Your doctor will give you the best decision which prosthesis is right for you. So leave this preference to your doctor more. Drop prosthesis is not always the best choice, unlike the common in society. It is wrong to believe that the round prosthesis does not stop naturally. Post-prosthetic naturalness is more related to the technique used outside the shape of the prosthesis. High and ultra high-profile silicone prostheses can increase the upper chest fullness. In patients with breast tip, we can lift and lift the breast without lifting the breast.

Which size prosthesis should be used?

You should tell your doctor how much you want your breast to grow, how you want to have a cleavage between your chest and the upper part. In the expression of the chest, 80, 90, 95 more than the numbers, such as A, B, C, D cup size is expressed as more measurable. If you don't know, share your bra size with numbers and letters such as 75B or 80C in your bra. The size of your chest after the operation is related to your existing breast size except the prosthesis to be placed. For example, the 250cc drop prosthesis used in your friend's operation can be very good for you. Choosing the same prosthesis may not be suitable for you. Therefore, the experience of your doctor is very important. 3D photo and computer program with the use of prosthesis brand, size and shape to be used for the person to be done before and after the surgery can be evaluated. Even with this prosthesis you can see how your breasts in bikinis or dress. Before and after the doctor will show you the photos you want, your body size, according to your chest structure, the size of the prosthesis is selected to fit the best.

Is it better to have a muscle or an over-the-box prosthesis?

As personal experience, I perform prosthetic surgeries with dual-plane and subfacial methods besides muscle or muscle techniques. The dual-plane method is a combination of both subcutaneous and muscle-based methods, and includes the advantages of both methods. Sub-facial method is a method of better prosthesis preservation of the prosthesis in patients where it is not appropriate to place the prosthesis under the muscle and obtain extremely natural results. Six-prong prosthesis is more natural. The decision to place the prosthesis at the anatomical level is given by your trained and experienced plastic surgeon, your doctor, by assessing the thickness and quality of your breast at your chest. It's not as good as a six-prong prosthesis or a muscular prosthesis.

Where is the silicone prosthesis less traceable?

Prosthetic surgery can be made by the nipple, breast sub-fold, or an incision made under the armpit. The experience of the physician, the patient's request, the diameter of the nipple and the size of the prosthesis to be used are important factors in this selection. When the operation is done at the nipple, the incision will be obscure because the incision will remain in the skin junction with the brown nipple. When the breast is made from the lower part or under the armpits, there is no obvious trace problem since the trace will remain in the fold and folds already present in the body. Because of the use of skin adhesives in the operation, both the trace remains less and does not require stitching.

What should be done before the operation?

If you smoke a minimum of 3 weeks before the operation will be in your favor. A disease you know, drugs you use constantly, if you have any operations before, please tell your doctor. On the day of operation, up to 6 hours before the operation, you must stay hungry and thirsty. Your blood tests are done one hour before the operation and your health status is evaluated by the anesthesiologist.

How long is the operation? How do I get an anesthetic? How much should I sleep in the hospital?

The operation lasts up to 1 hour. Operation under general or sedation anesthesia takes place. You don't feel pain during the operation. You stay in hospital for a maximum of 1 night. You might as well get out of the hospital the same day.

Is it painful after surgery? How long can I go back to work?

There may be some sensation of tension after the operation. Pain is higher in prosthetic operations performed with muscle intervention. As a result, pain can be experienced with painkillers and muscle relaxants for a few days. You can get up and walk in 3-4 hours after the operation. After the operation, the person may return to his desk work after 3 days and to his normal life after 1 week.

I'm coming for operation from abroad. How long should I stay in Istanbul?

On the 3rd day after breast augmentation, the patient may return to the country of residence.

What should be considered after the operation?

Use the recommended medication regularly. Do not raise your arm over the shoulder level for 2-3 weeks. Do not lift or push for 3 weeks. On the 3rd day of the operation, a doctor consultation is required for dressing and control. A shower can be taken after 1 week. You should use surgery bra for 1 month. You should not wear underwire bra for 3 months. At the end of the 2nd week, you should apply breast massage as recommended by your doctor for 1 month. After the 2nd week, you should use the cream that your doctor will recommend. After 4 weeks you can enter the sea or the pool, you can lie face to face, you can do sports. You may notice swelling or asymmetry in your breasts. These swellings can last up to 1 month. It takes 6 months to complete and reduce the traces. Especially in subcutaneous applications, the chest will take shape later. Breast MRI should be used instead of mammography during routine chest examinations.

What can be done after the operation?

Delayed hemorrhage, hematoma, wound infections and wound healing may occur in the early period. In the late period, a capsule reaction may occur. Temporary loss of nipple sensation or hypersensitivity may occur. Another risk is the formation of hypertrophic scar on the wound site. Treatment of all of these conditions is possible.