Genital plastic surgery is usually performed to increase the self-confidence of the person, to make the appearance even more beautiful and to make his partner happy. Vagina tightening, internal and external lip, clitoris, G spot, publis area are preferred in women. In men, more penis enlargement and thickening operations are on the agenda.

Genital aesthetics in women

Internal lip surgery

Labioplasty surgery is the name given to the aesthetic correction of the inner lips. Due to the fact that it appears asymmetrical, larger than normal and irregular in shape, it causes psychological discomfort in women and cannot enjoy sexual intercourse. In addition, the inner lips of the vagina may be asymmetric and larger than normal, causing pain during sexual intercourse. Vagina increases the risk of infection and can cause foul-smelling vaginal discharge. Internal lip operation does not damage the hymen. There is no loss of sexual pleasure, but enhancing effectiveness. Internal lip surgery takes about 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. Internal lip surgery should be performed by experienced gynecologists.

Narrowing the vagina

The vagina can be structurally large. This enlargement of specific reasons reduces the quality of sexual intercourse. The purpose of the vaginal tightening surgery is to ensure that the widening of the enlargement causes the vagina to become younger and narrower. It can be performed by gynecologists or plastic surgeons. Vagina tightening operation is an interrupted operation. This can be done in normal conventional ways or by laser application. By removing the pieces from the mucosa, the muscles on the inside of the vagina can be narrowed by sewing on top of each other. It takes about 1-1.5 hours. Local or general anesthesia can be performed upon vaginal tightening operations.

Clitoris aesthetics

Clitoris is one of the most important female genital organs. It covers great importance for orgasm and healthy sex life. The clitoris is anatomically and embryologically equivalent to the penis in the male, but it is not punctured by the urinary tract like a penis. The function is sexual pleasure and orgasm. The complaint of patients who generally want to have clitoris aesthetics is not being orgas. Doctors recommend a plastic surgery in the form of shrinking and opening of the skin that surrounds the clitoris. However, clitoris aesthetics are also necessary in patients who usually come for labioplasty surgery. In such cases, if the labioplasty is performed only, the excess on the clitoris at the front side is more disturbing. Reducing the clitoris itself when performing clitoris aesthetics is the most recently used method. It is often enough to minimize only the tissues on the clitoris.

Pubis aesthetics

The area called pubis is the protruding section located below the core. She has a tense appearance at a young age, but may hang up at a later age. If there is sagging in this area, it is necessary to hang up and remove excess skin. This surgery can also be performed with tummy tuck surgery. If this region is overly evident, the patient's biggest complaint is the appearance of the pants when wearing pants. In this case the liposuction is applied to the pubis. It can be applied by local anesthesia and sedation. The biggest problem in pubis aesthetics is the appearance of the big lips upwards if they are lifted too much.

Genital aesthetics in men

Plastic surgery of the penis; lengthening, increasing the thickness and curvature if there are correction operations. For penis enlargement surgery, oil must first be obtained and prepared for intervention. In overweight people, the area we call the penis root or pubic region is usually fat, so the penis is buried in it and appears shorter than it is. Therefore, the removal of the fat from this area will reveal the penis more and show its actual length. Oil is injected and injected with a special method and injector ready for injection.

Cosmetic surgery methods used for enlargement of penis size are limited. The most common method is the removal of the penis and part of the body ligaments, by cutting the remaining penis tissue and sliding the skin from the sides. Thus, 2-3 cm additional magnification is gained to the penis.