What are the reasons why the face looks young or old?

The aging of the face does not depend on the aging and aging of the skin. Depression of deep soft tissues and facial bones as well as skin changes is the main cause of aging.

Facial aging begins with a loss of elasticity of the skin due to the reduction of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. Because the function of collagen-producing fibroblast cells decreases. In time, the moisture content of the facial skin decreases. The vascular supply of the skin weakens and the skin color fades. Sun, cigarettes, stress, bad weather conditions, unbalanced nutrition, inadequate skin care, the bright and radiant appearance of the skin changes over time and the wrinkles become clearer, causing the skin to become thinner, pale, and the pores become clearer.

Excessive use of facial mimic muscles causes the facial lines to appear early.

In addition, especially in the cheekbone, the area around the skin with subcutaneous adipose tissue loss in volume of the face bones causes aging and sagging.

The networked sling system of the facial soft tissues and the relaxation of the systolic facial muscles also cause sagging in the cheeks and tickle area.

All these factors increase the shadows on the face, causing the face to look wrinkled, sagged and old.

What are the latest effective, lasting methods to reverse the signs of aging?

The signs of aging of the face can be removed not only by treating the skin but also the skin and subcutaneous deformities of the face.

The micro and nano-oil injection technique is technically one of the new methods of rejuvenation different from the conventional oil injection.

Micro-fat injection is an effective, reliable, permanent treatment that does not cause any allergic reactions.

Today, even in modern face lift surgery techniques, micro fat injection has become standard.

What is Micro-Oil Injection?

Micro-fat injection in the body, especially a person's own young and stem cell rich fat cells are used in the facial rejuvenation is a method. With the help of special cannula, young and micro fat cells are taken from the belly, waist or knee. The micro fat cells are taken by a number of processes and are prepared to be applied to the face in the form of a pure fat cell enriched from the stem cell. Injected into certain parts of the face with a thin cannula.

Where can micro fat injection be applied?

Prone image on cheeks can be corrected by applying over the cheekbones.
Treatment of tear trough deformity,
Between the forehead, eyebrow and around the eyes,
The prominent nostril groove (nasolabial lines) can be removed.
Jaw tip protrusion can be clarified by micro fat injection in people with small jaws,
One of the most effective methods for the treatment of bruises under the eye is micro and nano-oil injection.
To create lip plump and contour,
Correction of facial asymmetries
Micro fat injection is used for correction of nose deformities. (Nasal aesthetics or deformities after nose trauma)
Rejuvenation of hand ridge and décolleté
Rejuvenation of the genital area
Successful results are obtained by micro and nano oil injection in the treatment of scarring and treatment of acne scars.

What are the advantages of Micro-Oil Injection compared to other methods?

Most importantly, it does not make an allergic reaction because it is your own tissue.
There are no side effects.
It does not dissolve quickly, its durability is as long as 3-5 years. Repeatable.
Thanks to the rich stem cells, it provides a visible and bright skin.
It can be applied without feeling any pain under local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization.
Laser lipolysis, breast operations, eyelid aesthetics or can be applied simultaneously with operations such as tummy tuck.
Hyaluranic acid fillers are the first choice of fat injection in individuals who quickly melt.
Especially for facial deformity correction, when multiple areas are filled, micro-injection is the most appropriate treatment method.

How long does it take to see the effectiveness of healing and treatment?

Mild bumps may occur after 3-4 days after micro fat injection with appropriate techniques.
When the swelling passes, you begin to feel that the shadows on your face decrease and you have a younger and more beautiful face.
Personal care is important in obtaining the results.
Significant results are observed at the end of 1st month.
Make an appointment with your doctor for the availability of the micro fat injection and the price information.