Your age is how many, regardless of your weight if you're by the scientific data is likely to be cellulite 80-90%. So you're not alone. Cellulite develops because of the factors you cannot control. You cannot get rid of cellulite permanently by diet, exercise or coffee. Because cellulite is caused by a structural problem under the skin.

What is the cause of cellulite?

Aging, hormones, genetic factors, rapid weight gain, and the fact that the cause of cellulite is accused, but the exact cause is not known.

1- These factors form subcutaneous connective tissue bands under the skin (septa).
2- Fat cells grow between these bands, inflating thin skin areas that do not adhere to tissue bands. Thus, in places where the bands adhere to the skin, the dimples (dimples) and the bumps formed by the adipose tissue in the places where it does not adhere cause the skin to appear orange peel.
3- It is more likely to form bumps on the surface of the skin by creating swelling in the thin skin, and cellulite.

How is cellulite treated?

No matter how much you eat salad or how many hours a day you are doing, it is unlikely that you are alone with the problem of cellulite if you are a woman. Many creams or devices applied through the skin will be virtually ineffective in the treatment of your cellulite. Because the cause of cellulite is not on the skin is caused by problems under the skin.

What is Cellulaze?

The Cellulaze laser system is a FDA approved cellulite treatment system. Cellulaze has been scientifically proven to provide effective and lasting results by treating the main causes of cellulite.

Cellulaze to;

- It cuts the sepsis which cause the depressions in the skin and destroys the pits.
- It dissolves the fat tissue and eliminates the bumps.
- It causes collagen stimulation in the skin and increases skin's elasticity and thickness, making it look healthier.

Cellulaze eliminates these 3 reasons that cause cellulite, making the skin more smooth.

Cellulaze treatment;

- It is made from a 2 mm incision under local anesthesia.
- Treatment is provided by laser beams sent directly under the skin during the procedure
- You won't feel pain during the procedure.
- Does not require hospitalization.

Cellulaze breaks down regional oils with pulsed ND yag laser energy at 1440nm wavelength, destroys fibrous septa, and makes skin thicker and elastic by causing collagen tissue regeneration. Cellulaze treats skin areas (cellulite) in the appearance of orange peel, including the legs, abdomen and legs.

Cellulaze eliminates fibrous septae by applying laser energy at different angles to the skin with the sidelight3D fiber tip and provides long-acting results.

Thanks to Cellulaze thermoguide and smartsense properties, the temperature of the application area is kept under control and optimum treatment is provided while reducing the risk of complications.