After pregnancy, we apply combined aesthetic operations to many mothers to remove deformations especially in the breast and abdomen. Until recently, women did not address these problems and considered this as ı a necessity for motherhood Yakın. However, these changes create problems that may cause depression in women and this problem can be reflected to other family members.

During pregnancy, the mother's body focuses on the growth of the baby. In this period, women, rather than the weight gain from the abdomen and hip areas. In general it is taken up to 10-14 pounds during pregnancy. Because of the reasons such as breastfeeding, hormonal change, maternity stress, insomnia and loss of body's old life after birth, mothers play the door of plastic surgeons more frequently.

There is no single surgical solution for every mother. Because every woman's body gives different reactions in the process of becoming a mother, the operations we perform differ. The most common combined operations in the United States are mommy makeover operations. Mother's body is revised, a sort of backward winding is applied. After one night of hospitalization, our patients will be discharged.