Lip aesthetics; it is a very important concept for women's appearance and facial attractiveness. Although lip esthetic procedures are first mentioned, silicone processes are the first ones to be considered. Today, liplift technique, called liplift, provides a lasting beauty for women.

In the process of liplift that is revolutionizing the lip aesthetics, the incision is made under the nose. Liplift, which provides permanent aesthetic appearance, lip lining process has started to be applied very frequently in our country as it is in the world.

Lip suspension process, whether the structural or age curled inwards the thin lips that are more steep and volume stop, and shorter the distance between the nose and lip can be captured by six rates, a more attractive and beautiful lip can be obtained.

During the liplift process, if the person wants an even fuller lip, they can be combined with fillers.

The liplift procedure is performed under local anesthesia in a clinical setting and the procedure is 1 hour. After the Liplift procedure that does not require admission, the patient can return to the home directly. Full recovery is achieved between two and six weeks.