Eğer bir tedavi arıyor ve sağlık merkezi seçimi ile seyahat planlaması için her türlü detayın düşünüldüğü organizasyon desteğine ihtiyacınız varsa, lütfen aşağıdaki formu doldurun, size uygun bir Fiyat Teklifiyle geri dönelim.

Uzmanlık dallarının en iyi profesyonelleri ile çalışan, kaliteli sağlık merkezleri ve hastanelerle ulusal ve uluslararası anlaşmalar yaparak işbirliği yapan bizler, müşterilerimizin en iyi sağlık hizmetlerine daha uygun fiyatlarda ulaşmalarını sağlamak için çalışıyoruz.

With the Silhouette Soft method, it is possible to get rid of the effects of years and get a younger look. Silhouette with soft youth strands can be removed without surgery.

With the development of technology in aesthetics and the emergence of new non-surgical methods, it is possible to rejuvenate with painless and 20-minute procedures.

Silhouette Soft Youth Lanyard Application

- No skin incision
- Painless due to local anesthesia
- The average treatment time is 15-20 minutes
- After treatment, it can be returned to social life or work immediately.
- The effect after application is immediately observed.
- In 1 month, the activity begins to sit.
- The effect of collagen production increases.
- The activity can last up to 18 months.
- When the effect ends, it is no worse than it was
- It is a repeatable method.
- It can be used in combination with botox and filling methods.

What is Silhouette Soft?

Polylactic acid is used for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. This makes the stitches effective and privileged to hold the hanging of the skin cones are cones. When the ropes are placed under the skin with the cones on the 8-12-16 l with the skin tightly attached to the skin in the form of an anchor in the form of rivets. Silhouette soft ropes under the skin for a long time to show the effectiveness of melts and disappears over time. During this melting period, collagen regeneration on the skin creates renewal of the skin, causing the vine effect to increase day by day.

What are the Uses of Silhouette Soft?

Forming a percentage due to aging;

- Deeper nasal lines (nasolabial groove)
- Burning cheeks
- Wrinkles and sagging on the jaw (jawline)
- Volume to cheek area
- Neck and jaw snaps
- Low top eyelid
- Eyebrow removal
- It is an effective method for shortening the long nasal lip and removing the other facial wrinkles.

Silhouette soft youth strings placed in different vectors and different techniques for the problem in the face area of the person immediately show the effect of the soft youth strings and the effect is over time. The effect of lifting and tightening of the skin becomes more pronounced by the formation of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. Your cheeks can be made to appear raised and bulky as they should.

What is the difference of silhouette soft from other facial ropes?

The silhouette soft spider web is completely different from the Korean rope called the golden rope.

1. Thanks to the cones it contains, it provides an effective suspension by grasping the subcutaneous tissue at a 360 degree angle. Other serrated or prickly seams have less ability to grip the skin. Therefore, its effects are very short compared to sularet softa.

2. In silhouette system it triggers collagen regeneration around all cones and provides a strong suspension and increases skin quality.

3. In other ropes, 50 silks should be placed in one half of the face, while 2-3 silhouette soft rope to be applied to one side of the face is sufficient. This allows less swelling and pain.

4. It is not in the silhouette soft system that the rope on the other ropes moves to another area under the skin and show undesirable effects.

5. The life of silhouette stitches produced from polylactic acid is much longer than the other stitches. Therefore, its effectiveness is longer.

6. Most importantly, the Silhouette soft system is a FDA-approved method of treating flaws. Other thread lifts do not have FDA approval.

Who Does Silhouette Soft Youth Strings Apply?

This process can be applied effectively in patients who have not yet completely lost their skin elasticity, have not yet deepened their lines, and do not require face lift, have a medium thickness of skin and have no excess fat accumulation in the face. Although there is no age criterion, the amount of skin thickness and flap is the most important criterion. It never creates an effect like a face lift.

Is Silhouette Soft a Reliable Method?

It is an effective method used to remove sagging around the cheek area and chin especially after getting FDA approval in 2006. The ropes used are made of polylactic acid, which has no harm in terms of health and almost no side effects. It is a highly reliable and non-invasive method. A mild swelling sometimes does not have any side effects except for a slight bruising. Specialist physicians trained in Silhouette Soft can effectively remove wrinkles and flaws with youth strings that will be placed by correct vectors and techniques.

What is Silhouette Soft activity for Eyebrow Removal?

Even with the eyebrow lifting surgery, it is not expected that the eyebrow is removed for long periods. Because eyebrow is a moving region. The effect of eyebrow removal with botox lasts for an average of 4-6 months. It can be used effectively on the eyebrows which cannot be removed by botox due to inadequate muscles. At the same time, the eyebrow can be made to the desired shape by making suspensions from different points. It is a great advantage that some of the patients can be provided with silhouette soft as they want and the eyebrows cannot be done with botox. With L technique and U technique, silhouette soft can be applied to 1 year.

Can Silhouette Soft be used in combination with other non-surgical facial rejuvenation methods?

The silhouette can be used in combination with soft botox and filling processes or in combination with laser and facial rejuvenation methods. It can also be combined with nasal surgery or fat injection into the facial area. With the ropes of the youth, wrinkles and flaws can be removed and a more tense skin tone is obtained.

Is Silhouette Soft Effective in neck sags?

The neck area is a challenging area for the non-surgical treatment of wrinkles and sagging. Neither botox nor filling methods are very effective in the neck region. U-technique or cross-technique can be used to treat skin sagging and sweat in the neck.

When can I return to daily life?

After the procedure, it can be returned to daily life immediately.

What should be considered after application?

Cold application after application will be useful. In particular, stretch and extreme mimic movements should be avoided for a while. Do not lie on the face for 1-2 weeks and face rubbing should be avoided. Make-up can be done after the process. Baths can be made the same day.

What is the price of silhouette soft youth strings?

Silhouette soft application, different vectors according to the needs of the skin are made using different sizes and different techniques. Depending on the amount of rope used, you can get information from your specialist for the price of silhouette soft application.